Backlinks are a necessary part of any SEO process. Backlinks are one of the best ways to get your brand out there. How so/ If you attach your brand to another viable site, your brand will get twice the audience. It’s a proven fact.

Is there such a thing as bad backlinks. Yes, there is. This is when the files are filled with nothing by spam. When this happens, anyone who uses it will be compromised. Can anyone make these mistakes? Yes. Rookies who are new to the process are the ones who make the bulk of the mistakes. Why? They don’t know any better.


They don’t know the proper way of doing things. This is what brings us here today. I am here to share with you some special tips and secrets. If you are new to this idea, it’s going to be in your best interest to pay special attention.

    1. There is such a thing as a low-quality article directory submission. This is the old-fashioned way of approaching this goal. You might want to stop doing this. In fact, it’s in your best interest to stop doing this.


These are nothing but spam directories and files. You might think that Google would know the difference. You’d be wrong with this assumption. Google will know the difference. In fact, Google will punish you for doing this very thing. Here’s the catch. Google will not go after the low-quality directories or their sources, they will just go after you. They figure you are supposed to be smart enough to know the difference.


Now there is such a thing as paid directories. One of the most popular is DMoz. These are safe, for the most part. Although, I will caution you on something. This is also where you can find the spam directories, files, posts and guest posts. This is where the tend to hide out. It’s their safe place. They hide out here because no one will suspect anything here. It’s the perfect cover.

Avoid any files or posts that look suspicious. Google will also flag you for using this source. They will only do it though if what you are doing looks suspicious. Get the picture?

Good. Let’s move on

    1. There is such a thing as link swapping. Some of you might not know what this is. This is when you agree to swap your link with another owner, in exchange for something. Let me be the first to tell you, this is going to only hurt you. This brings very serious penalties to all involved. If someone tells you this is what everyone does, do not listen to them. Most sites worth their own salt stick with their own links.
    2. There is also something called bulk link buying. There are some places that will offer you like 500 links for the price of $5. I know. It looks and sounds really good, doesn’t it?


These people are using tools like HubPages and Blogger to get their links. This is not something you want to get involved in, in any way, shape or form. You will be the one to get penalized for doing this. This is another situation where the user is supposed to know the difference between right and wrong. Many feel that if the user doesn’t research the right ways in doing something, than they deserve the punishment. I agree with this in part.


You have to be accountable for your own actions when it comes to domain usage and backlinking. It’s called personal responsibility. Buying in bulk might work for those doing a grocery store run, not for link building. Buy High PR domains with great metrics guaranteed at Dental SEO. 

  1. Paid links that pass PageRank is another issues which needs to be discussed. This is another situation like the last two. In order to avoid this problem you must use the follow attribution with your links.


I am not kidding here. Anything that does not have the detail in bold will be flagged. Your site will undergo an investigation. You could even be shut down. There have been other sites shut down for doing far less. Please be aware of what you are doing at all times. If you are unsure as to whether you are making right move, ask someone. Speak with someone skilled in technical applications for backlinking and spam domain information.

There is right way and wrong way to do something. I just showed you the wrong way to go about backlinking. It’s up to you to do what is right.