When you acquire your own domain, you take on a lot of responsibility. You need to protect it and you. There are other people who can try to get in and mess things up. One might think that a domain owned by the person would not have this trouble. The people who think this would be wrong.

There are others who might use your site as a backlink, even if your site has nothing to do with their work. This happens a great deal, especially with those users are are novices to the program.

In keeping with this, there is something you can do. You can try using Google Analytics. This tool will be your best friend in a way. This tool comes with so much.

This tool will allow you to keep track of your user activity. It’s going to allow you to keep track of your backlinking history. If there is a link which is bad for you, it will find it for you.

It will also keep track of your domain history. It will give you a detailed report on what you are doing and what you are not doing. This comes in handy for a lot of users, especially those who have really big domains. Sometimes it gets hard to keep track of certain things.

This tool basically does all the menial labor for you. This tool also lets you save money on payroll. If this Google tool is taking care of all the “trench work” for you, you won’t need to hire someone else to do it for you. Plus, it’s more thorough.

Before you invest your time with Google Analytics, read up on it first. Learn about it. Get to know this tool. If you feel that it’s going to be worth your time, than invest.

Google analytics might not be for everyone who owns their own domain, but it might just be for you!