The problem with SEO domain rules and link building, is that you always hear about what you should be doing. Very rarely do people discuss the things you should avoid doing. This is why some get into trouble. It’s their lack of knowledge on the subject.

  1. Guest blogging that is filled with spam. This is a big no-no. Some like to use the guest blogging as a way to build and gain links for their own site. Guest blogging is a very good thing to get involved in. It helps to build your name and brand. However, there is a genuine way to do it and a spam way. What you want is the genuine way.

    If you are doing any of the following, than you are filling the blog up with spam:

    • Looking to rank long-tail keywords in the blog.
    • Using head terms in your guest blog post.
    • Using low-quality and irrelevant content in your blog.


    If you are doing any of the above 3, you need to stop right away. Guest blogging is viable option that people use to improve their practices. If you don’t stop, this practice could end. This will hurt a lot of people. Do you really want to have this happen? I didn’t think so. Hands off!

    Here’s the bottom line for you guys. Please use this exercise with caution. If it feels wrong, than it probably is.


  3. The funny thing is that anchor text, even optimized anchor text, used to be a good thing. Now it’s considered to be equated with the “black plague”. What happened?

    Some users came along, thinking they knew what they were doing. They ended up making a mockery of the whole thing. These users began doing things they should not have done. This spelled disaster right away. Well, that turned this option upside down.


    Now using an optimized anchored text is considered to be “bad”. There is still a small portion of the Google ranks that except it, but do proceed with caution with this one. If you are going to use anchors at all, only use the “safe anchors”.

  5. There is a common misconception that the more links you have, the more quality your site will have. This would be a big fat no. this misconception is nothing more than a delusion. I am sorry to tell you this guys.

    It’s always going to be quality over quantity any day.

    Here is a list of practices for links that will leave you on the penalty list for good.

    • The site you have attached yourself to is also penalized.
    • The site has a low ranking of DA 20.
    • You get a large number of links in a very short period of time.

    The last one especially will land you into some pretty hot water. No one can get links that quickly. There is just no way. It takes time to build it all up. If it’s coming to easily for you, than you need to question it. This is something that not many do. They just take it all in, thinking they are having a stroke of good luck.

    There is something wrong here

  7. Here’s one final thing that a lot of users tend to do. They tend to overload the keywords. Keyword usage is good, but it needs to be limited. It’s kind of like having diarrhea of the mouth. It just looks bad.

Some users tend to do this in order to manipulate the Google rankings. This will only blow up in your face. Some have tried before you. Many have failed. Try filling it up with rich, useful content. Add a keyword in there naturally. It will all happen naturally.


People still do this today. We see it all the time. The only difference is that the rankings will flag you. If you think you have a shot with this, think again. This will harm your site. Do this often enough, your site might just be shut down.

I am not trying to scare you with this. I am looking to help you out. Those who armed with this knowledge, they tend not to do as much. Concentrate on related keywords and small keyword density. This will be a winning formula every time.

Try this: Don’t use long-tailed keywords so much, though some disagree. Concentrate on longer content in your brand. Google will pick this up more easily. Google will also not throw your stuff in the garbage as much. Try it this way. You might just be surprised at the results you get.